A Guide To Choosing the Right Colour For Your Windows

Choosing the right colour for your windows and doors can be a difficult task. The colour scheme will make all the difference to your homes kerb appeal and value. When it comes to colour choice for your windows and doors it is good advice not to be too on trend as they will be a feature of your property for many years. Windows are a lifetime proposition. Your colour should outlive trends and stand the test of time.

When it comes to picking the right colour palette for your home it is important to consider the following.



RAL Colour palette

1.Your Home Architectural Style

Reflect on your homes architectural style. You want to choose the right colour that wont clash with it. It is important to consider which colour scheme will most suit the style and era of your home. Is your home Traditional or Contemporary/ Modern style? In traditional styled homes the window frame colour should contrast with the colours in the home or stand out where as for a modern style you would want the colours to blend in and be similar with the colours of the house. Depending on where you live there may be restrictions on what modifications you can make to your home.

2. Use Bold Hues Wisely

As it is easier to change paint colours on your wall than it is to change your windows, it would be beneficial to choose a neutral hue for your window frames that will work alongside a variety of other colours. In this way if you are a fan of bright bold colours you can choose these for your wall, as painting a wall is much easier and can be done more frequently than changing the windows in your home. If you are choosing bright colours bear in mind that they will look even brighter outside in natural light than inside the shop or your home. When choosing a colour make sure to examine it in outside daylight. Front doors are a great way to bring bold colours into your home.


Timber Sash Windows Pure White Finish


3. Consider your landscaping

Choose colours that coordinate well with what is already around you and blend perfectly with your surroundings. An existing house isn’t a blank canvas. These colours will be your natural starting point for your colour palette. For example, the colour of the roof, stone or brick. Choose colours that will match the exterior of your home while also complementing the colours of your garden.


4. Get inspired by your neighbours

Consider how your window colour can affect the overall appearance of your home. Choose colours that won’t clash with nearby buildings. Check out similar homes in your area for inspiration. While you might like your home to stand out you may not want it to feel like it is not part of the neighbourhood due to its strange window colour and design. Your house is part of the urban scenery so you might want to choose a colour that would be most in harmony with the other houses in your area.

Choosing the right colour for your Cardinal windows


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