The anatomy of a Cardinal sliding sash window

Our windows are designed to enhance aesthetics and performance

Sliding sash windows are one of the most common types of window present on historic buildings, especially those of the 18th and 19th centuries. These windows slide up and down through two operating sashes, a word that comes from the French chassis, which means frame.

Cardinal wooden sliding sash windows partner traditional beauty with high-performance, offering a wide range of paint colours and a broad selection of accessories. Two types of timber sash windows are available:


Weighted Sliding Sash Window
Historic feel of traditional box sash windows with cord and pulley.

Spring loaded

Spring loaded sliding sash window
Modern spring loaded systems fit neatly into all building profiles to enhance light.

The first step to distinguish your home from the crowd is to know what distinguishes one window from the other. Understanding the various elements of a sash window will make it easier for you to choose the best options to meet your design and performance goals.

Sliding sash windows elements

We’ve prepared this quick and easy guide for everything you need to know about Cardinal wooden sliding sash windows.

Sliding Sash Window Anatomy
  1. Top sash: The upper operating sash.
  2. Bottom sash: The lower operating sash.
  3. Bottom rail: The horizontal rail at the bottom of the lower sash.
  4. Meeting rails: Where the central horizontal rails meet.
  5. Top rail: The horizontal rail at the top of the upper sash.
  6. Sash stiles: The left and right parts of the sash frame.
  7. Sash lifts: The handle on the bottom rail used to raise and lower the sash.
  8. Sash fastener: A lock attached to the meeting rail of the sashes.
  9. Glazing bar: The wood profiles that subdivides the window and hold the panes of glass.

Cardinal News

Excellent quality and very reliable lead times at a fair price. Would highly recommend Cardinal Windows to anyone looking for traditional styled windows.

- Dermot Long - Dublin

I ordered 15 sliding sash windows for my home refurbishment project and had my builder install the windows for me. I think I spent hours playing around with the different design options on the window builder! I absolutely love my new windows!

- Rachel Chalke - London