Are Wood Windows Worth It?

Wood Windows

Wood Windows are still known as the “best” windows available on the market today, known for their slim profiles, historic characteristics and superior installation. But are wood windows worth the investment?

Benefits of Wood Windows

Aesthetic: Looks are one of the main reasons people choose wood windows. For some homeowners, it may be the only reason. After all, it’s hard to beat the classic look and natural character of wood.

Durability: Regardless of the weather, wood windows are superior. As long as they are correctly fitted and sealed, they will not require painting for a long time. Premium paint coats, such as Teknos paint, offer a long lasting finish.

Natural insulation: When you’re talking about how good a material is at conducting heat, not all materials are created equal. Stone and metals are good conductors of heat, whereas materials like paper, air, cloth and wood are bad conductors of heat. Wood is a bad conductor of heat; this makes it an excellent choice for insulation. Quality wood frames are the best insulators available on the market today.

Customisation: Wood is extremely customisable and can be cut into practically any shape or style, and can be painted in any RAL colour possible. Wood is a lot easier to work with when manufacture when compared with aluminium which helps to keep the overall costs down.

Design versatility: Wood offers endless unique design possibilities that allow you to create an original.

Cost: It is no secret that wood is more expensive than some of its competitors such as uPVC. But a quality wood window that is well taken care of will last you a lifetime and will improve the energy efficiency in your home, resulting in a much smaller utility bill. Wood windows also increase the value and kerb appeal of your home.

Are Wood Windows Worth It?

Are wood windows worth it? Well, that all comes down to your priorities, if your most influential factor is the price, and you do not care about the aesthetic of your home, then wood windows are not for you.

If you are seeking the best value for your investment and you care more about longevity, beauty, and adding resale value to your home, then wood windows are the right choice for you.

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