Timber Windows: How Long Are They Going To Last?

Windows Quality Material and Durability

Today’s wooden windows have been improved considerably since the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s when single panes of glass were fitted into poorly made, untreated softwood casings after they were installed onto brick walls.

The underperforming timber windows gained a bad name due to moisture leaks and rot, giving place to aluminium and then cheaper plastic windows.

Double Glazing Sliding Sash Windows
Traditional wooden windows.

Modern timber windows can offer the most advantageous features of all materials available – precision craftsmanship, fully finished with accurate joinery details, double glazing, air-tight seals between sash and frame, and more.

High-Performance Wooden Windows

Even though wooden windows can sometimes cost 30% to 50% more than plastic windows, independent research carried by the Wood Window Alliance (WWA) has shown that the longer lifespan offered by timber windows pays off in cost-effectiveness in comparison to plastic. High-quality timber windows will outperform all others with an outstanding 60-years durability, whereas the total life of a plastic window can be around 35 years.

Also, wooden windows have the environmental credentials on their side since they are carbon negative as opposed to uPVC windows. Cardinal windows are eco-friendly and our timber comes from sustainable forests. Our exceptional quality timber sliding sash windows are provided to you fully factory finished with high quality environmental water-based paints and stains.

Conversation Timber Sash Windows
High-quality timber windows offer more benefits for longer

Benefits of High-Quality Timber Windows

Architects and designers opt to apply timber windows to their projects in order to achieve authentic designs, when attempting to reproduce the appearance of wood is challenging for other window manufacturers.

Alongside appearance, superior quality windows improve thermal and acoustic comfort and use double glazing filled with argon gas to upgrade energy efficiency with low U-values. Cardinal wooden sliding sash windows offer excellent insulation, exceeding the highest requirements of European building regulations.


Comparison Between Timber Sash and Plastic Windows
Appearance comparison between timber sliding sash (left) and uPVC windows (right).

Homeowners not only see but also feel the benefits of timber windows for years to come with substantial savings on utility bills when compared to old fashioned single glazed plastic windows.

Learn how to maintain your Cardinal timber windows and guarantee that they will last longer.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows Care & Maintenance

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Excellent quality and very reliable lead times at a fair price. Would highly recommend Cardinal Windows to anyone looking for traditional styled windows.

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I ordered 15 sliding sash windows for my home refurbishment project and had my builder install the windows for me. I think I spent hours playing around with the different design options on the window builder! I absolutely love my new windows!

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