Wood Windows Vs uPVC Windows

Not all window materials were made equal. uPVC windows are seen as the cheap alternative to wood due to their lower costs and low maintenance benefits. Wood, on the other hand, has over the years generated a bad reputation for high maintenance and expensive prices. However thanks to technological advances in the window manufacturing industry, wood has now returned to the scene as the more cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly window option for the following reasons.

Wood Windows Have A Longer Product Life Span

Gone are the days when wood windows would mean short lifespans and high maintenance thanks to technological advances. Cardinal Windows uses the latest engineered wood sources in their sliding sash windows.

What is engineered wood? Engineered wood consists of three laminated layers of wood that prevents the window frame from warping and increases the lifetime of the windows. The outer layers of the wood are radial or half-radial cut in order to protect the window frame from splitting.

Cardinal Wood Sliding Sash Windows are manufactured using only the highest knot-free free timber. Our wood consists of a moisture content of 12% ±2 from sustainable forests in North Scandinavia where the trees grow slowly and naturally, and no fertilisers are used.

Wood sliding sash windows

Wood Provides Slimmer Window Profiles & Details

There is a good reason why heritage windows are mostly constructed out of wood.

The fine details and slim profiles that are often associated with heritage windows can only be replicated with wood as it is next to impossible to replicate this level of detail with uPVC.

Cardinal Windows offers five authentic glazing bar profiles that can’t be replicated by uPVC.

uPVC Windows Cant Be Repaired

Contrary to belief, uPVC can’t actually be restored to its original condition, unlike wood.

Wood requires varnishing, weatherproofing and maintenance to keep them in their original condition. By maintaining your wood windows regularly you’ll actually get a longer lifespan out of your sliding sash windows in terms of appearance and performance.

While it does require slightly more work than uPVC, you’ll actually save more money in the long run as you could see 50 years out of your Cardinal Windows with proper maintenance compared to around 20 years with uPVC.

Comparison Between Timber Sash and uPVC Windows
Appearance comparison between timber sliding sash and uPVC windows

Wood Windows Are More Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly

When it comes to energy efficiency, wood will always triumphant due to the natural benefits found within it. For example, wood is warmer by nature compared to uPVC which will act as a natural insulator in your home. uPVC, on the other hand, is a cold material that takes longer to warm up which means you will insulate less warmth in your home.

When wood is combined with high-performance double glazing, that consists of low e glass and argon gas between the panes, wood windows will always be more energy efficient.

Wood is a much more sustainable resource compared to uPVC. The frames of uPVC windows can take up to 9 times more energy to create compared to a wooden frame. A high number of co2 emissions produced and waste left over by uPVC is also a concerning problem for the environment.

Cardinal Windows uses responsible wood sources from Scandinavia in order to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Traditional Sash Horn
Historic wood window details.

Wood Windows Are More Budget-Friendly In The Long Run

While the initial cost of wood can be more expensive than uPVC, the type of wood species that you opt for makes a huge difference in costs. Mahogany wood, for example, tends to be anywhere from 20-40% more expensive than Douglis fir depending on the sourcing.

To recap why wood windows are more budget-friendly when compared to uPVC windows:

  • Wood is more energy efficient due to being naturally warm
  • When maintained, wood has a longer lifespan than uPVC
  • High-quality wood windows are more aesthetically pleasing which will drastically increase the value of your home compared with uPVC
  • Wood can be restored to its original condition which can affect the appearance and value of your home

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